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Q. What changes had the biggest impact on the security marketplace in 2022?

A. “Broad application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in camera-based security is leading a revolution in automation of intrusion detection and deterrence – elevating the effectiveness of video monitoring. Today, surveillance cameras have become active sensors, equipped with automated controls and AI algorithms that accurately detect intruders and alert monitoring before an actual theft occurs and without the delays of human intervention. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithms within the AI application recognize intrusion and take immediate and fully automated deterrence actions that surprise intruders and defy predictability – yielding nearly 100% success rate in deterring unwanted intrusion. Proper application of CNN also determines the success of the automated deterrence, thus focusing human operators on real threats and safety concerns that require intervention and possibly 911 dispatch. The result of this technology evolution is lower costs for both the service provider and property owner - driving higher market adoption and declines in burglary trends.”

Greg Ayres is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for iDter (, a San Mateo, Calif., -based technology company focused on proactive and immediate deterrence of criminal activity and protection of open-air assets.

The article appeared in Security Informed, January 2023

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