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Q. What New Features of Video Systems Help to Ensure Privacy?

A. “Traditional on-premises security systems certainly face increased cybersecurity risk from unauthorized access and direct attack. The first step in securing cameras is a strong account password, which prevents unauthorized access to your cameras. We purpose-design cybersecurity safeguards in our cameras, using reverse SSH encryption connected to a secure cloud environment with strict controls and access granted by invitation only. When RTSP video stream requests come in from outside this secure cloud environment, connections are fully supported by strong password and digest authorization with SSL encryption. We regularly monitor cyberspace, continually enhancing and updating firmware to foil new hacking trends – automatically updating deterrence cameras to keep them impenetrable. Video surveillance cameras are indispensable in home and business security and safety, but they must be cyber-secure and continually updated to prevent outside threats.”

This article appeared in Security Informed, April 6, 2023

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