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Q. How is artificial intelligence (AI) changing the course of the security marketplace?

A. “AI is dramatically improving the value and cost effectiveness of video monitoring, encouraging broad adoption of surveillance technology and additional camera installations. Deep-learning AI filters out and reduces false positives over time, significantly reducing the labor to monitor intrusion while turning video systems into intelligent deterrence solutions. Proper application of deep-learning AI has proven to successfully automate immediate deterrence of unwanted intrusions with 98+% effectiveness and focus operators on real threats and safety concerns that require intervention and possible PSAP dispatch. AI improves the efficiency of human labor required to monitor video, providing a faster, targeted reaction to intrusion, driving down monitoring costs. AI technology is also being trained to characterize successful, automated deterrence, freeing monitoring personnel to focus on pertinent threats. Proper application of AI is and will continue to offer property owners a substantial reduction in monitoring labor cost and thus broader adoption of monitored security systems.”

This article appeared in Security Informed, June 2023

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