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  • Deborah O’Mara

Ensuring Vigilance: How Effective is Security Camera Monitoring?

Security camera monitoring is a highly effective method to stop intruders and prevent trespassers,vandals and loitering at a wide range of commercial businesses and facilities.

Cameras themselves bring a level of deterrence simply by their presence and often criminals will leave the scene once they see these devices onsite. But most commercial businesses need more. They require immediacy of deterrence response – and that’s where iDter Security Systems come in.

Security camera monitoring is 24/7 vigilance

Live video monitoring has proven quite effective in intrusion detection, but typically requires human assessment and reaction which creates delays in response. In addition, dispatching of authorities is not always immediate, giving intruders time to engage in criminal behavior.  

Innovations in technology have an answer – fully automated intrusion detection and immediate deterrence. Crime occurs in seconds. Immediate deterrence reaction to intrusion drives over 98+% of trespassers off the property before they engage in a crime. 

iDter Niō Guardians backed by 4K high-resolution cameras and embedded quad core processors move surveillance into the realm of active, intelligent and immediate protection. iDter offers a complete system that performs fully automated intrusion detection using integrated video analytics and deep learning AI to successfully stop unwanted intrusions. 

Saves on guards, monitoring costs

Guard personnel can be expensive and are unable to cover an entire property adequately. Monitoring 24/7 video cameras without adequate analytics is also labor intensive, has herent delays and is often ineffective due to response times of the authorities. Security camera monitoring, thanks to AI and automation, improves the efficiency of the labor required to monitor video and provides a faster, targeted reaction to intrusion, driving down monitoring costs. 

The iDter interface used in remote video monitoring focuses attention on urgent matters – using red, yellow and green outlines to indicate status and moving critical events to the top of the intruder screen.This frees operators to focus on critical, pertinent threats. In addition, deep learning AI filters out and reduces false positives over time, also reducing the labor to monitor intrusion.

Automated responses help shore up security as well. If intruders or vandals persist, a series of deterrent responses initiate without human intervention. Some 10,000 lumens of LED lighting, red/blue strobing LEDs, three-way loudspeakers for voice down messages and ear-piercing alarms drive intruders away quickly. If they continue their actions, professional UL monitoring is engaged and operators assess the situation by viewing real-time video, with the ability to send images to 911 for police dispatch.

Video surveillance is undergoing a renaissance. Cameras have become active sensors, providing capabilities that enhance intrusion detection and increase situational awareness and security around a protected site. 

We can solve your security challenges with iDter’s Niō Guardian technology and camera monitoring. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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