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Immediate Deterrence
by Niō Foils 98% of Crime without Delays from Human Intervention


NDAA Compliance

All iDter products are fully compliant with the requirements of the US NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) of 2018. iDter products exclusively use Ambarella System on a Chip (SoC) technology for digital image and computational processing, Broadcom AzureWave technology for communications, and Zilog PIR MCU for motion detection. Ambarella, Broadcom, Zilog, and iDter, a division of Kuna Systems, are US companies that develop and control their own firmware, middleware, and software.

Niō Technical Specifications


iDter stands for intelligent deterrence of crime.

Our ability to take immediate deterrence by our Niō guardian nodes has proven to thwart 98%+ of crime without the unavoidable delays from human intervention. We develop, manufacture, and provide an end-to-end, security solution for commercial clients who want to put an end to crime on their property.

Our solution includes Niō guardian nodes strategically located around your property, all application software, and all services, including central live monitoring with police dispatch, video hosting, system configuration, and installation services to ensure a seamless solution to securing your assets, employees, and customers. We offer our solution exclusively through a capable network of local security providers.


What’s Different

The total time lost when live-video monitoring personnel are notified of an intrusion and engage in deterring a crime is the sum of all the inherent delays, specifically: the time to move the video event to the cloud, the time to draw the attention of a person watching hundreds of video feeds, the time for a person to observe and assess the intent of an intruder, the time to send a voice down message and/or dispatch the police or security guard, and the time for the authorities to respond. Valuable minutes and seconds are lost when compared to our intelligent Niō guardian nodes, located on your premises, that upon AI detection of intrusion, Niō guardian nodes commence a sequence of deterrence actions in less than 1 second.  Time matters!  Property can be damaged in just seconds. iDter intelligent and immediate deterrence with Niō replaces security services with manual voice down messaging 98%+ of the time, resulting in faster, more effective deterrence of crime and lower security costs.

Niō guardians use AI to recognize intrusion and take immediate deterrence actions.

The difference between iDter and other security solutions is our inherent ability to take immediate and proactive deterrence actions, in less than 1 second, thus eliminating the delays inherent with human intervention. Conventional live-video monitoring services tend to not mention the total inherent delay times from the detection of an intrusion to the execution of effective deterrence reactions.



Niō Hardware Technical Specifications

Dimensions and

Width: 408 mm (16.1”)

Height: 264 mm (10.4”)

Depth: 278.5 mm (11”)

Weight: 5.44 kg (12 lbs)

  • 4K HD resolution with wide-angle lens

  • Field of Vision: 157° diagonal; 133° horizontal;
    72° vertical

  • Camera axis tilted down 30

  • Camera rotational freedom: 20° in all directions (up, down, right, left)

  • IR night vision with 30+ foot range

  • SD card slot for optional edge storage
    (2 weeks of full, 4K resolution video)

  • Omnidirectional microphone

  • 120 dB piercing siren

Motion Sensors
  • Long range sensor: >180° field of vision and 70 foot range

  • Down sensor: 30° off vertical and 15 foot range

LED Flood Lighting
  • White 7,000 lumens general lighting (dimmable)

  • Up to 10,000 lumens maximum for deterrence floodlight

  • ​Color tunable from 3,000-5,000 Kelvin (warm white to daylight)​

Red/Blue Strobing
LED Lighting

Red and Blue strobes: 1,000 lumens each color

  • Strobe frequency 4Hz

  • Dimmable


WiFi: 5GHz and 2.4 GHz
Optional external WiFi antenna

Ethernet RJ-45 jack

  • Ambient temperature range: -40°F (-40°C) to 125°F (52°C)

  • IP65 (6-dust and 5-water resistance)

  • FCC certified

  • CA Prop 65 compliant

Installation and Power
  • Standard Wall Pack 

  • Niō-AC: 120-240 VAC; 277 VAC 

  • Niō-PoE: IEEE 802.3 bt compliant PoE++ with 90 watt injector

PATENTS [#]: 13921597, 14164540, 14205946, 14519642, 14664275, 14859867, 15157632, 15214866, 15246818, 15366196, 15498866, 15593570, 15611975, 15659873, 15899007, 16111669, 16143853, 16250242, 16252841, 16280377, 16364769, 16420844, 16445672, 16540309, 16578788, 16585342, 16682518, 16850944, 17026647, 17106542, 17164595, 17203811, 17241410, 17531752, and Patents Pending

Network of Niō



Artificial Intelligence Protection


Configured Deterrence


Web and
Mobile Apps


iDter Central
Security Monitoring


911 Dispatch


Niō nodes are intelligent guardians with the ability to recognize intrusion and take immediate deterrence actions within 1 second

Our intelligent, quad-core Niō guardian nodes and iDter cloud servers use advanced Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithms within the AI application to recognize intrusion and take immediate and effective deterrence actions that surprise intruders and defy predictability. Niō nodes are equipped with the technology to guard your premise with 10,000 lumen multidirectional LED lighting, 4K high definition digital camera, and multiple motion detectors.  Niō nodes also protect you with a rich set of immediate deterrence responses like the instantaneous illumination of the 10,000 lumen flood LED, blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs, piercing sirens, and situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages.  As backup, the iDter Central Security (iCS) personnel provide direct human engagement with the intruders through one or all Niō nodes and, if necessary, dispatch the police.


Industries We Serve

Real Life Deterrence by Niō


iDter Wins 2022 Most Valuable Product Award at ISC West

New to the security market and a first-time exhibitor at ISC West, iDter was recognized for the product’s design and technological innovation in the Intrusion Detection category.

Case Study

iDter helps Liberty Buick GMC deter criminals & keep car dealership safe

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