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iDter Service Offerings

The ability to take immediate deterrence by our Niō Guardians has proven to prevent 98%+ of crime without the inherent delays from human intervention. iDter develops, manufactures, and provides an end-to-end security solution for commercial clients who want to put an end to intrusion and crime on their property. The iDter solution includes Niō Guardian nodes strategically located around the property, all application software, mobile apps, cloud storage of event recordings, alarm monitoring and 911 dispatch services.

iDter Services



Technical support and training
Intrusion video recordings
Notification of intrusion events
24-hour time lapse videos
Uploads of video from SD card
iOS & Android app updates
Software & AI updates
Scheduling utility & Niō behaviors
36-month Niō warranty
Live video monitoring
Video-verified police dispatch
Human verified notifications sent to users
Direct engagement with persistent intruders
Phone calls & text messages to users
System health monitoring & remote diagnostics
Notification of issues to registered users
Evaluation of deterrence performance

Service Descriptions

Training and Consulting Support

iDter provides recommendations on the placement of Niō Guardians and remote technical support during system commissioning. In addition, iDter provides ongoing training on use of the iOS and Android apps, Niō Guardian camera and lighting configuration, system scheduling, detection behaviors and deterrence optimization.  


System Health Monitoring

iDter video monitoring personnel audit system uptime performance with remote diagnostics to ensure maximum uptime and notify the customers of any issues that iDter cannot resolve remotely. The goal is to achieve 99+% uptime performance from the iDter system. 


Video Monitoring of Events

iDter video surveillance services include alarm monitoring during scheduled periods to verify intrusions, ensure that Niō Guardian deterrence actions were successful and continuously tag all events to train the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to minimize false positives. In the event intruders persist and are not deterred by automated Niō Guardian responses, iDter personnel issue a video verified alert to the police through redundant, Five-Diamond TMA Certified and UL-listed central monitoring stations. 


Cloud Hosted Recordings

The iDter system produces the following recorded video files and makes them easily accessible on the iOS or Android apps for 30 days: full-resolution video of detected intrusion events with the preventative responses, daily time-lapse videos constructed of camera images taken every five seconds for forensic event indexing and full-resolution video segments uploaded from the 24/7 video stored on the Niō Guardian SD card. 


Mobile Apps

The iDter services include access to mobile iOS and Android apps that allow simultaneous monitoring of multiple video streams, access to all video recordings, ability to conduct two-way conversations with active intruders, take manual control of the Niō Guardian deterrence actions, pause the Niō Guardians and dispatch the authorities to the exact GPS coordinates of the Niō Guardian. In addition, the iDter mobile apps support the commissioning of the Niō Guardians, configuration of the camera and lighting and scheduling of the flood lights and deterrence behaviors. The mobile apps are designed with a hierarchy of users, with access privileges, including System Administrator, Sector Managers, Company Managers and Associates. In addition, the mobile and web apps include the ability for our security partners to manage their entire portfolio of iDter’s customers. 


Deterrence Optimization

iDter will continually optimize Niō Guardian automated response to trespassing with the goal of achieving 98%+ deterrence. A rich set of deterrence responses and sequences are designed to surprise intruders and defy predictability. iDter services include assistance with Niō detection and deterrence configuration, development of custom voice-down messages and recommendations of deterrence sequences optimized for each commercial property and Niō location. The tools available in the network of Niō nodes are instantaneous blasts of floodlights, blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs, piercing 120 dB sirens, orchestrated response across several Niō Guardians and situation-appropriate automatic voice-down messages. 


Cloud Storage

All Niō Guardians are networked as a team and connected to the iDter cloud servers. They use AI to detect, automatically deter with one or multiple Niō Guardians and report intrusion events. The iDter system immediately sends push notifications with live or recorded video to iDter video surveillance personnel and all registered uses.  All system alerts, video recordings, corresponding deterrence actions and time lapse videos are saved for 30 days on a FIFO (first in first out) basis. 

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