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iDter Security Systems:
AI-Powered Video Security for Distribution Warehouses

Distribution warehouses are hubs of vital assets, inventory and automation, making them high-value targets for theft and unauthorized intrusions. iDter provides a tailored security approach to address the unique challenges of your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered video surveillance by iDter stops unwanted intruders before they make their move. Proactive video monitoring with AI quickly and confidently determines if there is an intrusion within a defined area of interest by a person or vehicle. With AI, commercial warehouse and distribution hub security systems can take immediate action when necessary and filter out false detections accurately. 

Time matters! Crime occurs in seconds. Deterrence actions must be immediate and effective.

A busy warehouse requires a security solution that understands its rhythms, vulnerabilities and value. iDter delivers through its sophisticated security system, designed to shield both the external periphery and internal zones of warehouses and distribution centers with intelligent and proactive deterrence.

iDter has engineered an AI-powered security system that not only offers surveillance, but also provides fully automated and immediate deterrence to protect both indoor and outdoor assets effectively.

Why Choose iDter for Your Distribution Warehouse Security?

Real-Time Detection

Achieves 98% accuracy in detecting unauthorized activity with precision and speed.

Tailored Protection

Individually programmable Niō Guardians enable customized scheduling, behaviors, protocols and orchestration.

Immediate Deterrence

Acts within a second. From warnings to sirens and lights, intruders are quickly deterred.

Efficient Monitoring

With AI support, a guard effectively oversees multiple sites. Central monitoring team stands ready for emergencies.

Video Surveillance

All events monitored and police dispatched upon persistent trespass or criminal intention.

Comprehensive Control

Access all security data, videos and system metrics online.

Reinventing Security and Camera Monitoring for Distribution Warehouses

Traditional security systems fall short when it comes to the unique challenges facing warehouses. Choose iDter for a solution that's efficient, modern and tailored to your business needs.

Amplify Security At Your Commercial Business

Discover the power and precision of the iDter Security System. Contact us or connect with our network of security service providers for a detailed exploration of how we can elevate your business security and  safety.

iDter Intelligent Deterrence: How It Works

A new and highly effective solution to illuminate, monitor and actively deter intruders on your property:

01 - Niō Guardian Placement

Niō Guardians can be combined with cellular internet access, easily mounted to a pole, building, or tree and powered from a temporary run of 120VAC. The system with video monitoring services is available from iDter dealers’ monthly rental programs.

02 - Smart Protection

Niō Guardians use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect intrusions and immediately begin an automated sequence of highly effective deterrence responses.Time matters! Theft and vandalism occur in seconds.

03 - Immediate Deterrence Response

Niō Guardians immediate deterrence actions drive trespassers off the property within seconds. Deterrence responses are configured and scheduled to include intimidating voice-down messages, blinding red/blue LED strobes,10,000 lumens of light and 120dB alarms.

04 - Video Monitoring Services

iDter monitoring personnel receive instantaneous alerts upon detection of trespassers.They assess the success of the automated deterrence response and if necessary engage the intruder with two-way audio while dispatching authorities with video-verified data.

05 - Event Notification

Registered users receive verified intrusion alerts on iOS and Android mobile devices, including live and recorded video footage of the event. Users have the option to receive notifications of every event or only human-verified events.

06 - Online Video Access

Registered users have access to live views of Niō Guardians, recordings of all detected events, time lapse videos created from images captured every 5 or 25 seconds and access to 24/7 full resolution video stored on an SD memory card in every camera.

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