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  • Deborah O’Mara

Enhanced Protection: How iDter is Transforming Car Dealership Security

Updated: Feb 29

Immediate intrusion detection and quick deterrence – without loss of property – is what auto dealerships want. As vehicle theft continues to skyrocket, auto dealerships are fighting back with automated deterrence and video surveillance camera monitoring from iDter Security Systems.

Owners and dealers are increasingly concerned with the potential loss of automobiles, catalytic converters, electronics, wheels, tires and tools. With both new and used vehicles targeted as well as expensive components and even fuel, dealers are increasingly investigating the proven merits of live video monitoring technology to stop thieves before a loss occurs. 

NADA Confirms Dealer Concerns

The recent NADA show was proof of the dire need to provide active protection and live video monitoring. Attendees at the annual show of auto dealerships were excited to learn about all the possibilities for increased security, safety and a buttoned-up car lot with iDter video surveillance. 

They found a customizable solution in iDter Security Systems, one that is highly accurate and filters out false positives so actual crimes in progress can be prevented quickly without the need for human intervention. Dealers looking for an integrated package that includes vehicle key management and asset control can turn to iDter and its technology partnership with KEYper® Systems.

iDter uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded in Niō Guardian nodes strategically located around to cover every square foot of auto dealership’s outdoor areas. Upon stepping within the field of view of the 4K cameras after hours, interlopers are confronted with the instantaneous illumination by 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages and intimidating sound effects. 

iDter Intelligent Auto Dealership Security Works

Our videos show the deterrence power of iDter. Thieves and vandals are driven off immediately and, in most cases, more than 98% of the time without additional actions required by guards or security personnel. If the intruder persists and after real-time visual verification, professional monitoring dispatches responding authorities.

We can help you craft the perfect video surveillance solution to address your auto dealership security challenges and issues. Contact us today for more information.

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