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  • Deborah O’Mara

Enhancing Hotel Security: Discover the iDter Difference in Guest Safety

Updated: May 10

Post-Covid, guests are returning to hotels in peak numbers for business, vacation and a wide range of activities and events. They expect a stellar experience in every aspect of their stay – and that includes hotel-instituted security and safety initiatives.

For hotel facility managers and security staff, it is incumbent on them for guests and employees to feel and be safe inside and outside the property. Inside, security personnel regularly tour the hotel to report any suspicious behavior. Elevators may include access control, preventing non-guests from entering guest spaces, and even turnstiles and barriers may be deployed for added security. 

iDter’s security system enhances guest security

Outside the premises, including parking lots, loading docks and maintenance shops, special due-diligence needs to be paid to prevent intruders or bad actors from entering the perimeter of the property or harming guests, employees or their vehicles. Guests should feel safe walking the area and spending time outdoors. 

iDter’s video surveillance system is the perfect way to protect the outdoors and farthest reaches of the property. The high-tech, fully automated camera monitoring solution wards off any intruders after-hours with 4K high-resolution video, multiple motion detectors and microphone. It provides a strong deterrence message – simply by its presence as well.

Fully automated iDter drives down guard and monitoring costs

Hotels historically relied on the presence of guards or guard patrols to keep occupants of the hotel safe. Guard personnel can be expensive and are unable to cover an entire property adequately and can’t be everywhere at once. 

iDter Niō Guardians never sleep and provide intelligent, immediate detection. iDter is a complete system that performs fully automated intrusion detection using integrated video analytics and deep learning AI to successfully stop unwanted intrusions. The system is completely customizable – with AI learning and adapting to the property’s challenges as they arise – enhancing hotel security.

iDter’s security system live monitors hotel security events like a roving guard, sending alerts and clips of suspicious activity to mobile devices of stakeholders for confirmation. When intruders persist, a video verified alarm is sent to a professional, UL central monitoring station, where operators dispatch authorities through 911 operators.  

In hotels, and even malls and retail, iDter security systems make a difference – and a safer property that all can enjoy. For more information on our solution, contact us today for a free consultation.

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