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  • Deborah O’Mara

iDter’s Comprehensive Live Surveillance Systems for Modern Auto Dealerships

Theft at auto dealerships continues to rise – with the latest statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) indicating a steady increase in stolen vehicles since 2019. And criminals are becoming more sophisticated.

David J. Glawe, President and CEO of NICB, Oak Brook, Ill., says thieves are using “advanced

technology to bypass security systems, including keyless entry hacks and relay attacks on key

fobs. It’s critical that the industry and law enforcement work together to develop more effective strategies for combating auto theft and safeguarding public safety,” according to a news release.

iDter’s security system is the modern, effective live camera surveillance and automated

deterrence system for auto dealerships. Based on the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and video analytics, iDter’s Niō Guardian system uses formidable deterrence actions to detect within seconds and drive thieves from auto dealerships before they can steal property, assets, equipment or fuel. In fact, in more than 98%+ of incidents, potential intruders leave the premises when iDter’s security system swings into action.

iDter detects intrusion and persistent loitering at auto dealerships

Here's how it works: iDter’s 4K high-resolution Niō Guardian cameras provide intelligent,

immediate detection with AI using convolutional neural networks (CNN) for superior image

recognition and processing. With its wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, omni-directional microphone and quad-core intelligence, it’s a complete, modern solution for auto dealership security.

Niō Guardian nodes are strategically placed to cover the entire expanse of an auto dealership’s

outdoor areas. With live monitoring engaged, when motion is detected these surveillance

systems activate an array of programmable deterrence measures, including instantaneous

illumination of 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, blinding strobes of red and

blue LEDs, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages and intimidating sound effects.

For automobile dealerships, iDter also offers integrated protection of electronic key

management cabinets through a partnership with KEYper Systems – extending its solution to

protect keys and cars even further.

iDter’s surveillance is fully automated with integrated video analytics providing superior catch

performance, along with the ability to escalate critical events to central monitoring station

personnel should the intruders continue to try to carry out their mission. The system is

completely customizable – with AI learning and adapting to new auto dealership challenges as

they arise. Contact us for more information on how to protect your car dealership with the most modern technology from iDter.

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