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  • Deborah O’Mara

Is Your Warehouse Security System Prepared for Modern Threats?

The ongoing boom in e-commerce runs parallel with the growth of warehouses. In 2020 alone there were more than 25,000 warehouses in North America – with further expansion anticipated. These facilities require strong security measures to deter theft or vandalism – and live video monitoring and intelligent intrusion detection is critical to warehouse security system preparedness.


Warehouse Security Systems Secure Your Perimeter


The list of potential valuables kept in warehouses is varied and runs long. Hardware, equipment, machinery and other goods often await distribution in warehouses. Electronics, building materials, cabling and robotics are other inventory that carries high price tags. Warehouses chock full of inventory and cash holdings are subject to serious threats – even espionage and damage to the critical infrastructure. 

The traditional solution is to post security guards who either walk or drive the property at night. This method is expensive, lacks the ability to provide full coverage and unfortunately requires property management to strike a balance between the expense and predicted results.

What really makes sense is a warehouse security system that stops intruders at the farthest reaches of the protected premises, driving them away from the property before theft, damage or liability can occur. The best warehouse security system begins with camera monitoring and video surveillance at crucial areas. Live video monitoring can stop intruders in their tracks quickly and without human intervention in most instances.


Protecting Warehouses, the Modern Way


Sensing, detection, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) have changed the formula of camera monitoring from an after-the-fact forensic activity to a proactive and strategic tool that can deter and prevent crime and property loss at a lower total cost of ownership. Today, automated video monitoring pinpoints the alarms that really matter, reducing the labor and customer cost to monitor cameras.

iDter Security Systems stops intruders before they get inside the warehouse perimeter. 4K Niō Guardian video surveillance embedded with AI and aggressive deterrence actions provides real-time security against unwanted intrusions. 


iDter Security System Covers Critical Areas


iDter’s Nio Guardians are positioned on buildings and light poles to cover every square foot of a property and confront trespassers within seconds of arrival at the warehouse. These Guardians detect intrusion with a powerful high-resolution camera with wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, quad-core computer intelligence, omni-directional speakers, microphone and powerful LED lights for illumination and red/blue strobing.  

When a late-night intruder is detected, the warehouse security system and Niō activates an array of programmable deterrence measures, including illumination of 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, blinding strobes, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages and intimidating sound effects.  

Events are monitored in real time to ensure deterrence actions were successful, and if not, a video verified alarm is sent to the professional monitoring station for dispatch of authorities through 911 operators.

Shoring Up Warehouse Security Systems

Warehouse security systems from iDter can prevent and detect breaches and intruders. Use these tips to get the most of your security system:

  • Identify Vulnerabilities: Start with a walk-through and a detailed site survey to pinpoint vulnerable areas. 

  • Research Potential Threats: Investigate local crime records as part of your security risk assessment to identify trends.

  • Create A Security Strategy: Focus on the perimeter and locations that may be breached, including entrances, exits, loading docks and common areas.

  • Used Advanced Surveillance: Incorporate iDter with video surveillance, high-def AI video, motion detectors, illumination and audio – in a complete solution – to deter intruders in an instant. 

Contact iDter today for more information or a consultation on how to craft your perfect warehouse security system.

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