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  • Deborah O’Mara

The Future of Security: Is Video Monitoring the Answer?

Video surveillance and camera monitoring brings new, heightened elements to physical security protection and theft detection. With sights on the scene, cameras enhance situational awareness and fully-automated deterrence actions can be swift and effective – without interaction from onsite personnel. In addition, video monitoring now goes beyond security – offering protection against liability claims while also assisting in business operations and logistics.


Video surveillance combined with technological innovation is critical to the future of security. Smart cameras initiate detection using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and commence immediate deterrence actions to thwart trespassers before crime is committed. Automation of detection and deterrence is not only more effective but also lowers the video monitoring labor costs. From auto and truck dealerships to construction sites and other commercial properties, camera-based deterrence with human surveillance backup protects people, facilities, and assets.

iDter Camera Monitoring Stops Theft Without Security Guards

It’s impossible for security guards to be everywhere at once and their hourly wages can be cost-prohibitive for the end-user customer. Instead, deploying high-definition video surveillance cameras embedded with AI provides real-time security against unwanted intrusions. iDter’s Niō Guardians are fully automated to protect property proactively with incredible accuracy and speed – preventing possible damage and theft from intruders or vandals.


With iDter camera monitoring, convolutional neural networks accurately detect both intrusion and persistent loitering while fully automating proportional deterrence reactions. Initial responses include flashing LED illumination, strobes, sirens and recorded messages that the intruder has been captured on camera and should leave the premises.

Video Surveillance is the Future of Security Today

Self-monitoring of cameras is enabled with AI-determined event notifications which include video clips sent directly to mobile devices when there is activity on the property. Live monitoring is further engaged quickly when an actual event requires intervention and possible 911 dispatch. When automated deterrence actions are not successful, video monitoring personnel are notified to dispatch authorities. Video monitoring allows first responders to better assess the situation and deliver the appropriate response - with camera monitoring yielding critical insights on the level and areas of criminal activity.

Camera Monitoring is a Force Multiplier in Security

Video surveillance advancements have made cameras a cost-effective way to bring immediate detection and deterrence to commercial businesses. It turns camera monitoring into a proactive tool that can be leveraged for safety, security and operations. Continued advancements in AI, machine learning and computer vision will continue to improve video surveillance – and make video monitoring the go-to technology for security.


Contact iDter today for more information or a consultation on how video surveillance and camera monitoring can make your business safer and more secure.

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