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  • Deborah O’Mara

The Impact of Advanced Video Monitoring Systems on Modern Security

Updated: Jun 11

Security threats change and evolve. Thieves and intruders become more sophisticated and learn new methods to try to gain entrance to buildings and facilities. Keeping the bad guys out takes a complete, proven deterrence solution – like iDter’s advanced video monitoring system.

Artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, machine learning and automation have significantly changed video monitoring to proactively deter intruders before they make their way onto a property. The idea is to stop those with bad intentions at the perimeter, before they get to valuable assets, automobiles, supplies and materials. iDter’s has created the most immediate and effective video monitoring system – a fully automated solution that’s ready to deploy and features a powerful 4K camera with wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, onboard AI-detection, omni-directional microphone and quad-core intelligence. 

Remote video monitoring has become the panacea to simply installing banks and banks of cameras and relying on central station personnel to consistently watch all those devices. Operator fatigue is real and trained personnel are expensive and difficult to find. And there’s no way that operators can effectively watch multiple cameras – sometimes numbering in the hundreds or more. Use of technology to automate mundane tasks is a proven way to enhance security effectiveness and focus operators only on the events that require human engagement.

Modern security has elevated video monitoring

Now, remote video monitoring (RVM) has become a highly effective, proactive method of intrusion detection. iDter’s RVM Niō Guardians actively deter immediately with instantaneous illumination of 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages and intimidating sound effects. It’s engineered for easy deployment and incorporates the latest AI and analytics to spot intruders within seconds and drive them away from the site. 

The impact of iDter’s solution can be witnessed in these real-life incidents caught on camera. In these examples, as soon as intruders enter the protected premises they are surprised and leave the area within seconds. In fact, in more than 98%+ of instances, iDter’s advanced video monitoring system has been proven to detect unauthorized activity with a precision and speed that can’t be matched by operators attempting to watch multiple camera feeds.

Camera monitoring is advancing rapidly

Video surveillance has evolved into active intrusion detection with automated deterrence reaction. iDter’s deep-learning AI filters out and reduces false positives over time, significantly reducing the labor to monitor intrusion while. Intrusions that do persist are elevated in threat level to live video monitoring central station personnel. Threats are visually assessed and operators provide video verification to responders for quick 911 dispatch.

Learn how iDter Security Systems can be the difference-maker in protecting your facility. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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