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  • Deborah O’Mara

Top Construction Site Security Solutions by iDter

Updated: Mar 11

Theft of equipment and materials costs the construction industry between $300 million and $1 billion every year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register. Less than 25% of these stolen goods are ever recovered.

iDter Security Systems stand ready to protect with intelligent construction site security rooted in high-definition video surveillance embedded with proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) and proactive deterrence. Our construction site security solution can be tailored easily to the specifics of the property to provide immediate detection and deterrence - because theft occurs in seconds.

Construction Sites Are Safer With iDter

iDter’s smart Niō Guardian 4K HD cameras are strategically placed to protect at the farthest perimeters of the property as well as outdoor storage areas with heavy equipment, tools, fuel or other expensive assets or commodities. 

iDter detects, deters and records events in seconds, with the user configuring areas of interest and specific times for the Niō units to activate. On construction sites, our dealers offer the superior iDter security protection on a rental basis. The Niō Guardians are packaged with cellular internet access and easily positioned on construction trailers, buildings and temporary poles. They are powered by a simple run of either low-voltage Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or traditional AC power (120-277 VAC), offering flexibility in placement. 

Niō Guardians take immediate action when intruders approach, with instantaneous blasts of high-powered floodlights, intimidating voice-down messages (which can be customized) and audio sound effects. The cameras emit blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs and piercing 120 dB sirens. When trespassers are surprised by the Niō Guardians aggressive actions they quickly exit the property, many times faster than they arrived.  


Live Video Monitoring Ensures Successful Actions

iDter monitors events to ensure successful mitigation actions and in more than 98% of incidents intruders leave the construction site immediately. Our videos of actual crimes in progress at construction sites are proof positive. If intruders don’t move off the property, iDter dispatches responding authorities and directly engages with intruders to let them know they have been detected and police have been summoned. 

Contact us today to learn more about construction site security solutions from iDter.

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