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  • Deborah O’Mara

How iDter's Camera Monitoring Systems Are Redefining Video Surveillance

Not all camera monitoring systems are created equal. iDter specializes in video surveillance solutions that offer immediate detection and deterrence from intruders and bad actors – stopping theft of outdoor assets or liability concerns before an incident occurs.

Advanced AI and Technological Innovation in Security

It’s what’s inside that counts. With iDter camera monitoring, video surveillance using Artificial Intelligence (AI) quickly and accurately detects both intrusion and persistent loitering using convolutional neural networks (CNN) for superior image recognition and processing. The company holds some 35 U.S. patents (issued and pending) covering integrated camera lighting, audio design, software functionality and deep-learning technology to automate security performance.

Active Camera Monitoring Enhances Video Surveillance

CNN technology effectively automates a significant portion of the monitoring process with efficiencies achieved from iDter’s classification technology and operator interface that clearly communicates event priorities.

iDter’s deep-learning AI filters out and reduces false positives over time, significantly reducing the labor to monitor intrusion while turning video surveillance into proactive deterrence solutions. Proper application of deep-learning AI has proven to successfully automate immediate deterrence of unwanted intrusions with 98+% effectiveness and focus operators on real threats and safety concerns that require intervention and possible PSAP dispatch.

The Future of Security & Surveillance

All iDter video surveillance products are fully compliant with the requirements of the U.S. NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), ETL listed and FCC certified, so users can be assured they are meeting the customer’s regulations.

Deep learning AI is the future of camera monitoring and video surveillance. Leveraging AI technology to automate detection, successfully deter persistent intrusion and classify a successfully deterred event are the key components of an effective commercial security system and core to the iDter security solution.

Protect Your Business With iDter

Protecting the perimeter of your premises has never been more important as property crimes continue to plague outdoor assets. iDter’s camera monitoring and video surveillance solutions are ideal for commercial properties, auto and equipment dealerships, retail businesses, storage facilities, educational campuses, construction sites and more. Contact iDter today for a consultation or demonstration and see how we can help safeguard your assets against property crimes.

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