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iDter Systems Announces Multi-Feature Detection Solution

iDter Systems has introduced a new fully automated, 4K deterrence and detection camera with infrared illumination for night vision.

Bundling its Nio Guardian and Protector technologies, iDter Systems says it has released a feature-packed deterrence and detection camera that can be used for a range of security applications.

The West Coast manufacturer says that its latest security solution incorporates 4K resolution capabilities, along with infrared illumination to support its use in night vision situations, as well as standard daytime installations.

iDter Systems points out that its new camera product can be used as a standalone device for perimeter detection or it can be integrated with guard services in a hybrid system design. The company states that it developed the 4K infrared camera to protect in outdoor settings to guard machinery, cars and other important pieces of property, and says the product is fully compliant, ETL listed and FCC certified.

According to the company, the new 4K infrared security camera is also easy to install and configure, and as part of its many options, the product offers Cloud and edge video storage. iDter Systems also states the camera also leverages video verified monitoring with dispatch to PSAP for active 24/7 detection.

In addition to its 4K resolution and infrared illumination technologies, iDter Systems says the new camera employs artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning with configurable deterrence behaviors to identify intruders in real time to send alerts to web and mobile apps for live viewing.

Getting back to its illumination capabilities, the company notes the product produces 10,000 lumens of brightness via its multi-directional LED floodlight and strobes of red and blue LEDs.

Moreover, the camera also includes sirens and situation-appropriate voice warning messages and sounds.

This article appeared on Security Sales & Integration (SSI), Product News, May 16, 2022

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