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Per Mar Partners with iDter

Updated: Jan 11

DAVENPORT, Ia., and SAN MATEO, Calif. - Per Mar Security Services has crafted an outdoor asset protection solution for its customers in partnership with commercial security solution provider iDter Systems. 

Per Mar is deploying iDter’s Niō Guardians with artificial intelligence (AI) and active intrusion detection to stop trespassing, theft and liability claims at construction and equipment sites. 

Intelligent Video Monitoring Stops Intruders 

Theft and damage of heavy equipment continues to ramp up. The National Equipment Register reports that dealerships, work sites and storage facilities are the top three targeted locations for thieves. Per Mar partnered with iDter to ramp up protection for its construction and heavy equipment customers that require a solution to late-night trespassers who engage in theft and vandalism and create potential liability on project properties. 

Per Mar offers the construction industry a cost-effective rental solution that is easily installed and connects quickly via cellular internet. In the Per Mar application, Niō Guardians are integrated with cellular modems for their security rental program. These self-contained units are affixed on poles and stanchions in strategic areas of the construction site, powered by temporary runs of 120 VAC.

  Nicholas Luciano, integrated security solutions manager at Per Mar, said the system detects and takes active deterrence actions to confront trespassers and thieves who target high-value machinery such as tractors, loaders, and cranes as well as tools and materials stored in construction trailers. 

“The system is highly effective in automatically deterring intruders and is easy to install,” Luciano noted. “By integrating cellular with Niō Guardian, we can install three or four units in a matter of hours. It’s simple to relocate and includes live monitoring with dispatch of either the police or our security guards.”

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This article was published in Security Systems News in December 2023

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