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SSI 2022 Dealer Program

Company name: iDter … Immediate Deterrence

Dealer program name: iDter Partnership Program

Year dealer program founded: 11/2021

Number of dealers in program: 11

Dealer program market focus (e.g. residential or commercial): Commercial/Open Air Assets

Dealer program (portal) website:

Participation requirements & application process: Renewable one-year dealer contract with wholesale pricing and no minimum product purchases.

Overview of program benefits: With iDter, dealers have access to an affordable, automated, easy to install and complete security solution that offers them the ability to generate recurring monthly revenue. iDter is a proven deterrent solution that automatically foils 98% of intrusions without the delays of human intervention; engineered with exclusive Niō node guardians and protector technology featuring artificial intelligence (AI) deep-learning; cloud video storage; and video verified monitoring with dispatch to PSAP.

Dealer Quote:

“The reason that we chose to partner with iDter was to allow us to have a solution for our clients that needed active deterrence vs. the traditional ‘next day’ response with video cameras only. iDter provides us with an all-in-one solution for active deterrence that was previously unavailable to a small company like ours. Our clients using the iDter solution have seen almost all trespassing and prowler activity disappear due to the active deterrence of the iDter solution. Additionally, being a reseller for iDter allows us to have another source of RMR income for our business. Definitely a win-win scenario for us.” – Jason Herrington, Vice President, Rinkor Technology Solutions, Santa Rosa, California

Make the general case for why a dealer should get involved with as dealer program, and how they should go about vetting the best one for them.

  • “The security industry is quickly moving beyond just providing cameras to record and cloud host intrusions towards integrating AI, live monitoring, and voice-down response to deter criminal trespass. Larger security providers are integrating some if not all these services into their offerings. Smaller dealers may not have the resources to compete at this level. iDter offers all this functionality plus automated deterrence in a fully integrated, cost effective and simple to install solution. Best of all it creates a results-based offering that justifies a significant RMR component and levels the playing field because it is available to all dealers, small and large.”— Greg Ayres, iDter, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Make the specific case why a dealer should get involved with your company’s dealer program.

  • “With iDter, it’s easy to provide the highest levels of detection while dealers earn recurring monthly revenue for the protection of outdoor and other valuable assets. Easy to install, iDter offers proven, documented historical results on the solution’s performance and receive regular results to provide to their clients, adding substantial value and facilitating a sticker, long-term relationship. We’re flexible and responsive to installers in the market, focusing on traditional security dealers, structured cabling technicians and electrical contractors.” – Dana Hersom, iDter, Director of Field Operations

This listing appeared in Security Sales & Integration (SSI), February 2023

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